U Sedlerů

Located on the ground floor of an Art Nouveau building by Rudolf Tereba and situated on bustling Karlovo náměstí (conveniently by a tram stop) is the U Sedlerů restaurant and beer hall. The name of the restaurant comes from the mispronounced name of Josef Sedeler, who owned the house around 1730. The current U Sedlerů Restaurant opened in June of 2010 in place of the defunct U Sedlerů brewery; the restaurant continues in the tradition of offering authentic hospitality with food and drink in Prague's New Town. The U Sedlerů restaurant is an ideal spot for a business lunch or a fun night out on the town with family and friends. The U Sedlerů restaurant serves up thirst quenching Pilsner Urquell from beer tanks, as well as Kozel beer. At U Sedlerů you can sample delicious and traditional Czech cuisine, seasonal specialities, and the above-mentioned beer. The Czech fare served at U Sedlerů includes svíčková (beef with a creamy sauce, cranberries, and bread dumplings), Pikantní guláš (spicy beef goulash), Řízečky z kuřecích prsíček (fried chicken breast in corn bread crumbs), Grilované domácí klobásky (grilled homemade sausage), and more; if you wish to taste the restaurant's specialty, try the tender pork knuckle. U Sedlerů has a good lunch menu, a welcome non-smoking area, and even Wi-Fi for the convenience of their guests. This large restaurant / beer hall is a perfect gathering spot for watching sporting events on large screens, and for private parties, Czech weddings and celebrations. Should you wish for a delectable Czech meal, complete with the golden elixir that is Czech beer, visit U Sedlerů today.  

Karlovo nám. 17, Praha 2, +420 221 986 345, www.usedleru.cz 

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Address: Karlovo nám. 17, Praha 2

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