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Looking for craft beer in Prague? If so, hop on a tram, hail a cab or run - straight to Zlý časy. Zlý časy is the craft beer lovers heaven, full stop. Situated in the Nusle neighborhood of Prague 4, just off of pretty Náměstí Bratří Synků, Zlý časy, or Hard Times as it translates, features an array of rare craft beers brewed in the Czech Republic on tap (over 40 kinds of liquid pint heaven) as well as bottled craft beer from all over the world. The interior resembles a traditional beer hall except for the displayed bottles of foreign craft beer lining the walls. The upbeat bar features 3 levels and is much bigger than first imagined – it is a large beer hall, but always full nonetheless, so if you wish to visit and sample delicious delicious beer be sure to make a reservation. The clientele is a combination of beer-loving locals, loyal to their beer heaven, and curious tourists visiting this famous shrine. Featured several times in the New York Times and other foreign press, you can bet that Zlý časy is one of, if not the best beer places in the Czech Republic.  

Čestmírova 5, Praha 4, +420 723 339 995, www.zlycasy.eu 


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