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The Prague Vino Markuzzi wine shop, whose owner is one of the biggest experts on Italian wines in the Czech Republic, Jiří Markuzzi, offers Italian wines of the highest quality produced by wine makers all over Italy from the Dolomites to Sicily. The wine shop is located on Kozí Square in Old Town. You can choose from wines by sixteen Italian wine producers of small and mid size with a production not exceeding one million bottles per year and located in Tuscany, Piedmont, South Tyrol, Sicily and other parts of Italy, whose owners pay maximum care to their wine. Your choice of high-quality wines is therefore much easier, because you can bet that at Vino Markuzzi you will get only the best of wines. Besides Italian wines you can also choose Rieslings from the German wine region of Mosel and Moravian wines by the Reisten wine maker from Pavlov. Vino Markuzzi holds wine tastings in the wine shop, as well as in various Prague Italian restaurants and organizes wine and golf trips to Italy. The wine shop also provides purchase and sale of archive wines at auctions abroad and helps to found wine collections. Rely on the conscientious and thorough selection of wine that will make your choice of high-quality Italian wines in Prague easier and bet on wines from the Vino Markuzzi wine shop that will be appreciated not only by you, but also by your guests and friends. The wine shop is open from Monday till Friday from 8:30 a.m. till 7 p.m. 

Haštalská 3, Praha 1, +420 224 829 088, 


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