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Situated in the quiet residential area of Vinohrady next to a whimsical fountain with sea creatures is Flavours, a top quality wine bar and deli. This gourmet wine boutique offers an abundance of wine from around the world, a deli counter with a mouthwatering variety of cheese, sausage, and roast beef plus amazing olive oils, homemade sweets including cheesecake and cupcakes, gourmet chocolate, honey, and much more. The interior of the wine shop boasts shelves that stretch all the way to the ceiling, full of a fine array of the drink of the gods – ensuring there is truly a wine for all tastes. The wine shop also features an Enomatic machine – a state-of-the-art wine serving machine that uses nitrogen to keep opened bottles of wine stay fresh for several months. A variety of eight different bottles of wine are open and stationed in the machine, ranging in grape, vintage and price. This device lets wine lovers who purchase a prepaid card sample delectable wine from all over the globe in three different amounts – a simple taste, a small glass, or a full glass. This is exciting for those interested in the world of wine since it is not every day that one can have the chance to sample high end world class wines. To make it all the more convenient you can reserve a small taste or a glass online – and you can monitor what will be placed in the Enomatic machine in the next round. Flavours also has an elegant back room that is stylishly decorated in a modern style where private parties or wine tastings are held (seating capacity of up to 12). If you happen to pop by with friends and wish to drink a bottle or a glass in the back room, you may do so if the room is free – due to its popularity it is often full, therefore it is wise to make a reservation. Furthermore you can order delicious food from the a la carte menu at Ristorante Sapori, a fine dining establishment located just next door; a server is always available for the private room. Should you have any questions about wine the staff members at Flavours are both knowledgeable and friendly, so do not hesitate to ask their opinion. If you are looking for top quality wine in Prague, do not miss Flavours – a paradise for wine lovers!

Záhřebská 29, Praha 2, +420 777 691 887, www.flavours.cz  


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