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Vínečko Wine Bar

Located in the quiet residential neighborhood of Vinohrady is Vínečko Wine Bar a bustling establishment known for its great service, delicious snacks, complex wine and comfortable atmosphere. This pleasant wine bar features two al fresco areas, one street side and one located in the quiet courtyard and a spacious two room interior area complete with intimate tables and elegant décor. Vínečko Wine Bar specializes in wines from the Mutěnice Kyjov area (the municipality of Šardice), the wine villages of Rakvice, Hrušky and Velkých Bílovic plus international wines from Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa, Bulgaria, Uruguay, Georgia, France and Italy. If you are searching for a pleasant place to sample delicate wines and a surprisingly large range of delicious light snacks (the Bacon-Wrapped Plums are a true winner!) Vínečko Wine Bar is the perfect place.

Londýnská 135/29, Praha 2, +420 222 511 035, www.vinecko-praha.cz


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