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Klub 007 | Live Music in Prague
Klub 007 | Live Music | Prague
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Klub 007 | Interior | Prague
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Klub 007

Located close to the massive Strahov Stadium and situated in amongst the student dormitories of Prague's Technical University is Klub 007. This famous club has been around since 1969 and has been providing a plethora of diverse genres of music ever since to the young enthusiastic music lovers of Prague. Klub 007 has been, and still is, a cavernous club for the underground music scene of Prague and for international acts as well and definitely has its own special place in history. The music club acted as a social gathering spot during the Velvet Revolution for students and youngsters to discuss and chat the current happenings in their country. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, foreign bands started to frequent the famous stage, which is still to this day an important factor. If you are searching for a unique venue to see live cutting-edge, avant-garde rock, punk, ska, folk, rockabilly, sub pop, indie, new wave, electro, hardcore, jungle, reggae and more in Prague- Klub 007 is the real deal. The interior is as authentic as a rock and roll venue can be with rock posters and photos lining the historic walls. The venue is open only during live shows and keeps a very community like atmosphere with mainly friends and family running the place. This special community atmosphere and current operator Ivo Kucera’s dedication has kept Klub 007 alive and kicking throughout the years and thanks to the independent bands that keep coming, it still rocks. If you want a truly unique musical experience, head to Klub 007!

Technical University Dormitories, Block 7, Chaloupeckého 7, Praha 6, +420 775 260 071, www.klub007strahov.cz



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