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The Loreta

The Baroque Loreta in Prague was commisioned by Baroness Beligna Katherina von Lobkowicz in 1626 and was maintained by the Capuchins, an order connected with St. Francis of Assisi and his brotherhood. This gorgeous gem has been the site of numerous pilgrimages over the past centuries, and it is easy to understand why. The building was built to promote the legend of Santa Casa, or the house of the Virgin Mary, a copy decorated with original frescoes, sits in the main courtyard of the Loreta surrounded by arcades. The treasury of the Loreta houses the 6,000 gemstone encrusted (222 diamonds) Prague Sun or the Diamond Monstrance. The sparkling sun, designed by the Viennese architect J. B. Fischer, is 89 meters high and 70 cm wide, the magnificent sun is part of the treasure of the Loreta and is an acclaimed masterpiece of the medieval era.

Loretánské Náměstí 100, Praha 1, +420-220-516-740,


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