National Theater

Architect J. Zitek built the stately National Theater from 1868 to 1881 in the neo Renaissance style, although shortly after the ceremonial opening a destructive fire occurred, damaging almost the whole building. Through public funds a new building was built in 1883 and the Czech theater reopened. The architect J. Schulz realized the neo Renaissance reconstruction, while the decoration of the interior and exterior was the vision of the artists of the National Theater Generation, Mikolas Ales, Frantisek Zenisek, Vojtech Hynais, and Josef Vaclav Myslbek, who were inspired by Slavonic mythology and romantic landscapes. The main auditorium showcases an exquisite ceiling with ten painted female allegories, while the stage screen features a colorful scene from Czech history. The theater was perfectly designed and equipped and has served its bountiful purpose without any radical modifications for over one hundred years. The National Theater is the place for the Czech drama scene and offers operas, ballets, plays and musicals. Notice the grand golden crown on the roof and the majestic trigas with two heavenly angels controlling wild horses that appear to be storming off the roof straight onto Narodni Street.

Národní třída 2, Praha 1,

Address: Národní třída 2, Praha 1

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