Prague Communist Era Architecture | Panelaks

The Panelaks

The Panelaks are concrete monstrosities located on the outskirts of town, situated on the perimeter of Prague. These housing projects were built to house a classless society with everyone living and coexisting side by side in harmony. The Panelaks were actually inspired by Le Corbusier, who wished for people to live in small efficient cities, that were practical, simple, and comfortable. Borrowing the design of Le Corbusier did not, however leave any inspiring structure, instead it left behind nothing more than concrete ghosts of Communism. Recent alterations to the Panelaks have left the facades painted vibrant colors as if to block out the original gray color of nothingness. Rumor has it that the walls of the buildings are paper thin, making the structures neither comfortable nor practical. The self contained small cities do exist though; you can find fruit markets, cheap clothing stores and dodgy clubs nearby.

The largest assembly of Panelaks can be found close to the Opatov Metro Station. Welcome to Communism!


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