Nelahozeves Chateau

Located about 15 miles from Prague, Nelahozeves Chateau is an excellent example of Renaissance architecture in the land of Bohemia. Nelahozeves, the name of the small village as well, is also famous as the hometown of famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak (there is an interesting museum dedicated to the musical genius situated in his former home). The looming chateau, which overlooks the small village, is located very close to the train stop, making Nelahozeves Chateau a good choice for seniors wishing to tour Czech stately homes. The Chateau was founded by Florian Griesbeck a Tyrolean aristocrat who was a close advisor to Emperor Ferdinand I. Florian Griesbeck’s residence took 60 years to build and was finished under the watch of his son Blazej in the beginning of the 17th century. In 1623 the family’s financial situation forced them to sell the Renaissance residence to Princess Polyxena Lobkowicz. The Lobkowicz family has owned Nelahozeves Chateau ever since except during the Communist period, the chateau was restituted to the family in 1993. The Chateau’s façade is characterized by Renaissance sgraffito decorations depicting Old Testament biblical and ancient mythical scenes. A permanent exhibition titled ‘Private Spaces: A Noble Family at Home’ showcases impressive historical period rooms with noble decorations and family portraits. The extensive European art collected by the Lobkowicz family is now located in the Lobkowicz Palace in the Prague Castle complex.  

277 51 Nelahozeves,

Address: 277 51 Nelahozeves, Czech Republic

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