Zdeněk Vacek & Daniel Pošta

The jewelry by Zdeněk Vacek and Daniel Pošta is manufactured with emphasis on every last detail and presents some of the most prominent work on the Czech modern jewelry scene. The perfect knowledge of the craft that Zdeněk Vacek acquired by graduating as goldsmith and jeweler and by working in various goldsmith studios together with his creative talent combine perfectly with the design-thinking and sense of material and detail coupled with the manifold foreign experience of Daniel Pošta, who studied at the design studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Thanks to their tremendous talent and progressive approach to material and its processing, Daniel Pošta and Zdeněk Vacek have established themselves among the best in their field. Their mutual cooperation is in perfect harmony and it is hard to determine with their common exploration of the world of design jewelry where specific ideas of each designer begins and ends. Their jewelry is typical of combining organic shapes and technical details. They combine precious metals with materials, such as clusters of pearls, satin and synthetic polymers. Their latest collection that is called Virus depicts chemical and biological processes in which various objects are attacked by foreign substances. Jewels of this collection are for example necklaces of linen ropes on which shiny crystals parasitize like viruses. This creative duo has won several awards including the Editors' Award at Designblok 2009 for The Best Presentation of a Designer/Design Studio for their Bye Bye Birdie collection, and the Czech Grand Design award in the Jewelry Designer of 2011 category and at the same time were elected as Grand Designer of the Year. Please see their website for local stockists.


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