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English International School – Prague (EISP)

The English International School – Prague (EISP) is dedicated to providing a quality international education based on the national curriculum of England and Wales with their educators having over 3 years experience teaching worldwide with UK training and certificates. The English International School believes for their students to be successful they must adhere and use in their lifestyle the 3 R’s: Respect, Responsibility and Relationships. In this respect The English International School not only cares for the pupils education but also wishes to nourish their personal development, aiming to make them respectable adults trained for a global world with high standards and useful achievements. Alongside the high standard of education found at the school, there is also great emphasis put on personal growth through music, art and drama; these three creative departments feature impressive teaching space with a theater, art rooms and a drama studio. The modern high-tech facilities are equipped for 450 – 550 pupils and feature state-of-the-art technology, science laboratories, a 150 seat Amphitheater, a large indoor sporting hall, two libraries (one in the primary school and one in the senior school) with over 5,000 titles as well as desktop computers and study areas and spacious classrooms (two spacious classrooms per year group). The English International School offers a variety of extra curricular activities and clubs for children including skiing and summer outings. Students are accepted from as early as 18 months and can continue on through their 18th year.

Brunelova 960/12, Praha 4, +420 272 181 911/955, www.eisp.cz


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