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The International Montessori School of Prague

The International Montessori School of Prague is the first and only American Montessori Society accredited school in Europe. The School’s mission is to educate children using the Montessori method, which cultivates independence in children plus self-confidence and a sense of responsibility for society, the environment and for oneself. The total method promotes education through the academic, physical, emotional, spiritual and social. The Montessori method educates the child as a whole, which elevates creativity, the ability to problem solve alongside critical thinking and community building. The school, which teaches toddler, primary and elementary school (1.5 – 12 year olds) was established as a private school in 2002 and is located in Prague 4. The school features internationally experienced British, American and Czech teachers. Native Czech teachers immerse children in Czech cultural and language studies in order for the children to experience an international education.

Hrudičkova 2107, Praha 4, +420 272 937 758,



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