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Pony Škola

Located on the small island of Císařský Ostrov, also called Trojsky Ostrov, which lies just between Stromovka Park and the Troja Chateau grounds with the Prague Zoo just beyond, is the perfect venue for children's horse riding lessons in Prague: the popular Pony Škola. With the more adult-oriented Jezdecká Společnost Císařský Ostrov located just across the street, kids can keep their professional riding goals in sight as they learn to ride ponies and horses in the center of Prague. Activities range from riding out in Stromovka Park on the specially-made horse-paths, or working on groundwork skills, balance, and confident riding and horsemanship with instructors in the arena during regular riding lessons, but does not stop there. With summer camps, workshops, and friendly competitions, children will be able to not only learn to ride, but love to ride at Pony Škola! Parents will love it to: safety always comes first at Pony Škola, and learning to ride horses at a young age will help to instill a life-long sense of self-confidence, and hone self-discipline skills as well as instill patience and a basic love and respect for living creatures, in addition to working on physical skills such as strength, overall body coordination and graceful movements, and balance – and parents can achieve these things for their children at the low cost of weekly horseback riding lessons in Prague, in the lovely setting of Trojsky Ostrov near Stromovka Park. The location is perfect for family fun in Prague, with the park and nearby restaurant providing activities for parents with very young children in Prague, while older children take horse riding lessons at the centrally-located Pony Škola.

Císařský Ostrov, Prague 7, +420 721 208 118,


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