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Ferryboat Trips on the Vltava River

The beautiful city of Prague boasts the winding snake-like Vltava River, a wide river that cuts the city in half and which awards perfect views of this splendid city of one hundred spires. The best part about the ferryboats that zip across the Vltava River is that they belong to the city’s transportation system, making them the most affordable boat rides Prague has to offer. For the price of 32 CZK you will receive 75 minutes of magical river time hopping on and hopping off at various island and embankment riverboat stops. The river ferry continuously circles around the river from the National Theater, Slovanksy Island, Strezletsky Island, Detsky Island (Children’s Island, complete with a large playground, snack bar and bathroom) and back. What better way to explore the whimsical islands of Prague, especially with a child? It is also good to note that children under 6 years of age are free on Prague’s transport system making ferry trip across the Vltava a perfect outing for you and your child. The ferry service runs from April 1st to October 31st.

Ferryboat Stops: National Theater (Smetanovo nábřeží, Praha 1), Zofin Island, Strelecky Island and Detsky Island. The ferryboat arrives at each stop every 20 minutes. www.prazskeprivozy.cz 


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