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Located in the city center of Prague on the famed Narodni Street is a treat for both fun loving adults and children alike, the Lego Museum! The Lego Museum is a private museum and is open every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. making it a convenient place to visit with your family and friends either in the morning, during the weekends or at night for busy parents. The Prague Lego Museum is the not only the largest private museum of its kind in the Czech Republic but also in all of Europe as well. The space offers guests over 2,000 patterns that are unique and most of all, fun and colorful! Children and adults will be delighted to find exhibits of pirates, Star Wars, locomotives, Harry Potter, Indian Jones, historical monuments, the kinetic exhibition of Lego trains and much more. Journey to the center of your imagination with the world of Lego at the Prague Lego Museum! This museum is for all ages and boasts over 2,000 patterns and 20 themed exhibits, which uses over one million Lego blocks. The museum showcases 340m2 of Lego creations, where you can witness a little bit of magic, fun and even history! If you are looking for a light and energizing activity, why not visit the Prague Lego Museum where wondrous visual delights await for all! The Lego bricks used in the Lego Museum are a true mix of original Lego pieces and new pieces, proving that the curator of the museum is a true Lego fan! Furthermore the museum boasts a Lego creation corner where one can play with Lego bricks at special Lego tables. New Lego models are available to purchase as well.

Národní 31, Praha 1, +420 777 771 070, 


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