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Skydive arena

If you are attracted to adrenaline sports but at the same time your sense of self-preservation tells you that you should not be doing anything too crazy, then the Hurricane factory in Prague's Letňany is ideal for you. Hurricane Factory offers an unusual adrenaline-charged, yet safe, sport discipline that any physically competent individual over five years old can do. In the safety of a wind tunnel you can try out what it is like to fly and experience a free fall. Professional instructors supervise you at all times. The vertical circular tunnel produced by the Litvínov engineering plant is completely unique. Its glass flight chamber has a diameter of 4.3 meters and its height is 14 meters. A constant stream of wind in the tunnel blows with an amazing speed of up to 270 km per hour. You do not need any special skills or long training to be able to do tunnel flying, nor do you need to rely on a parachute. Every participant is provided with complete equipment including a flight suit, helmet, glasses and gloves. Moreover, you can have a DVD made recording the entirety of your flight in order to remember this unusual experience and show off to family and friends. After the flight you can share your experiences with family or friends at the local restaurant. Hurricane Factory also organizes company parties and team building activities, as well as family celebrations. Hurricane factory provides also helicopter tours above central Bohemia, a pilot training school, aerial photography and filming, and helicopter taxi services.

Tupolevova 736, Praha 9, +420 273 132 056,


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