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Muddum is a true multipurpose cultural space located just steps from the Letenské Sady Park in a peaceful area of Prague 7. The idea behind Muddum is to promote fruitful dialogue and interactions between different cultures and cultural genres by means of art and creativity. The cultural center was founded by the Club of Friends and Fine Arts (KPIVU) in 2004 and features a pottery workshop (for all age groups in both Czech and English), a gallery (featuring an exhibition of a new interesting artist every month), a café and a store (selling mainly original handmade ceramics). Muddum organizes art workshops and events, provides space for artistic work, runs art therapy sessions, and offers workshops for children as well. The café often serves as a venue for poetry readings, concerts and film screenings (in cooperation with various environmental, humanitarian, artistic and social groups). A regular part of Muddum's activities are events for children such as pottery workshops, film animation workshops, regular art classes, and birthday parties, all of which are attended by children of various nationalities while the instructors speak Czech, French and English. Let Muddum help you discover your own or your children's creative selves. 

Kostelní 24, Praha 7, +420 777 876 541, 


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