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The motto of Gutovka, the sport and relaxation area perfect for both children and adults, is "a place where you feel good", a motto which is most certainly true judging from the range of leisure time activities available. You can find this excellent sport and relaxation area for visitors of all ages in Prague 10. Gutovka offers all kinds of activities and you will certainly not be disappointed; there are four beach volleyball courts, an outdoor climbing wall (reputedly the largest of its kind in Central Europe), a small football playground, a multipurpose playground and a large concrete skate park. The beach volleyball courts and football playgrounds are available in both summer and winter, regardless of the weather conditions. A big winter attraction is the ice stating rink plus a climbing wall, which offers not only traditional climbing but also ferrato, or ice axe climbing. Material and equipment for all types of sports can be rented at Gutovka where you will also enjoy the services of friendly and professional instructors. Gutovka is the perfect place for children as well. At Gutovka kids can enjoy a spacious playground with many attractions and during summer days they can play in the water world, which is unique not only in Prague but also in the whole of the Czech Republic. After a day of sport and play you can visit the pleasant Restaurant Gutovka, which offers a wide selection of foods from lunch dishes to a variety of specialties. It is also possible to book a private room for a barbecue with your friends or colleagues and you can organize banquets, parties, weddings, birthday parties, children's celebrations and corporate presentations or press conferences here as well.

Gutova 39, Praha 10, +420 734 428 336, 


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