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Public Transport Museum

Situated in a residential area and located in the Prague-Střešovice tram depot is the Public Transport Museum. Opened in 1993 by the Prague Public Transport Company this unique collection of artifacts from the city’s history of urban mass transit includes over 40 historical vehicles and more such as models, old photographs, historical documents, tickets and blueprints. The tram depot, a huge structure will delight and fascinate children of all ages, while adults can enjoy the historical aspect of the museum, although children and adults alike will appreciate the old vehicles including trams and buses at the museum. The best part about the Public Transport Museum is that children are allowed to climb on the vehicles, making the museum both educational and interactive. This museum that explores the history of public transportation in the city of Prague is a real winner for all.

Patočkova 132/2, Praha 6, +420 296 128 900, +420 296 128 923,


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