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Tvoje jóga

Would you like to find out more about yoga, but want to avoid group classes in overcrowded studios? Or are you an experienced yogi and are looking for individual training sessions in order to improve certain aspects of your practice? Or maybe you see yoga as the best way to get ready for labor during your pregnancy? The Tvoje jóga (Your Yoga) project, founded by Lenka Eidlpesová, is here for you. Not only is she a graceful and professional yogi, but she is also a mother who is passing on her experience to other pregnant women and new moms. Lenka Eidlpesová has been practicing yoga since 2007. Her rich professional experience includes several years as a private instructor; she attended many yoga certification courses in the Czech Republic and abroad, and taught in many of Prague’s well-known yoga studios. Along the way, she learned that she could be most useful to her clients as a private yoga instructor. She therefore launched the Tvoje jóga project, in which she offers classes of all levels and for all clients – beginners, advanced, pregnant women, and mothers. The sessions take place in a comfortable private setting in Žižkov or at the client’s home. This is ideal for mothers of small children, or those who don’t have time to commute to a studio. Lenka Eidlpesová usually starts with an initial consultation and then comes up with an individualized home practice plan. Individual lessons are the best way to make your independent yoga practice more efficient because you won’t have the chance to develop any bad habits, and she will explain every movement down to the smallest detail. If you want a more intense experience, you can pay extra for aromatherapy (using beneficial essential oils), which functions as a wonderful enhancer of your yoga practice. Lenka Eidlpesová is the author of another project worth mentioning – "Mámou s jógou" (yoga for mothers). According to Lenka, with targeted and correct exercise of both your body and your mind, you can get rid of your fears of giving birth. You will get your body ready for labor and learn to feel and sense it better, which will help you give birth with more confidence, even during painful contractions. Lenka will also teach you to take care of yourself by regularly practicing yoga and aromatherapy in the first few weeks and months after giving birth. She practiced both herself as a new mother and is now teaching others what she herself has learned through her blog posts, but also during her counseling and individual lessons. Discover the benefits of her individual yoga lessons today. 

Na Vrcholu 28, Praha 3, +420 777 588 033,,


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