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If your children are interested in dinosaurs and prehistoric life in general, you will definitely make them happy by taking them to the DinoPark in Prague's Vysočany. DinoPark is located on the roof of the Galerie Harfa shopping center next to the O2 Arena. At this unique amusement park, dinosaurs come back to life in their original sizes. DinoPark will amuse children big and small alike, who will also enjoy taking advantage of the local playground with its many attractions. The ticket for the DinoPark includes a ticket for the 3D movie theater located on the second floor of the Galerie Harfa right behind the DinoShop. From 2011 the movie theater has been showing a movie called Giganotosaurus 3D which tells the story of a dinosaur baby whose mother dies under dramatic circumstances shortly after it is hatched. Some time later the dinosaur baby meets the predator again. The movie was made exclusively for the DinoPark and you cannot see it anywhere else. Parents and Mesozoic-era lovers are sure to be enchanted by the prehistoric pine tree Wollemi Nobillis which can be found in the park. It lived on the Earth some 175 million years ago and today less than 50 specimens remain living wild the Australian wilderness, representing a unique thing of world-wide importance. DinoPark, where you can see the biggest animals in the history of the Earth, is open from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. Children up to 3 years of age have free entrance. If Prague is too far for you, do not despair, as DinoParks are also located in Plzeň, Vyškov, Ostrava and Bratislava.

OC Galerie Harfa, Českomoravská 15a, Praha 9, +420 378 774 636, praha@dinopark.cz, www.dinopark.cz


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