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FreeStyle Park Modřany

Sports and free time area FreeStyle Park Modřany in Prague 4 consists of more than 20,000 square meters designated for sports, relaxation and entertainment. In the middle of the greenery on the banks of the Vltava you can play beach volleyball or pétanque, jog, exercise on the river bank or boost your adrenalin in the BMX park. When you run out of energy, you can refresh yourself in the local Port 62 restaurant where you can enjoy great gastronomy and views of the Vltava River. An in-line track and bike route run through the park leading from Podolí to Komořany, which means you can do some exercise even before getting to the park. If you do not have the necessary equipment you can rent inline skates or a scooter at the FreeStyle Park rental. On the green areas of the park you can enjoy undisturbed rest or a picnic with friends and family. Fans of camping can rent a campfire site at the FreeStyle Park, as well as buy sausages for roasting on the fire there. It is also possible to organize social and company events or weddings in the park. Events for children are also regularly held there. The entry to the park is for free, but you need to pay for individual sports grounds and other services.

Ulice Vltavanů, Praha 4, +420 733 762 237,


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