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Zmrzlík Horse Club | Prague

Zmrzlík Horse Club

Zmrzlík Horse Club belongs to the Dům Dětí a Mládeže Hlavního Města Prahy youth organization. If your children love horses, there is nothing easier than enrolling them in a horse riding course at the club. Children above 6 years of age are accepted and divided into groups depending on their horse riding experience and abilities. The smallest children learn vaulting, which is gymnastics performed on horseback, while older children ride in the riding school or go for rides with instructors and possibly take part in competitions. Children at Zmrzlík also learn how to take good care of horses and valuable lessons in respect and responsibility for other living beings. Even though the main focus of the Zmrzlík Horse Club is year-round work with children, on the weekends horse riding lessons are also offered to others, including adults. The indoor riding school arena is 20 x 40 meters large, and lit and covered, thereby making it perfect for use all year round. Safety comes first, so it is important that children wear helmets, which are also available in limited amount and sizes for a small rental fee at the club. The Zmrzlík Horse Club also organizes various competitions, such as a St. Nicholas ride in masks, and an Easter contest for the nicest egg, and more fun! 

Jezdecké středisko Zmrzlík - DDM hl. m. Prahy, Zmrzlík 3, Praha 5, +420 222 333 808-9,


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