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Strollering, a workout with a stroller, a somewhat different stroll or maternity leave in movement – all of these are ways to call this new activity, the brainchild of a fitness instructor and mother Edita Berková from her need to combine outdoor walking with a baby stroller with a more arduous physical activity. When a mother on maternity leave wants to do something for herself it can be difficult to find someone to take care of the baby or to simply find strength after a strenuous day to do some exercise. However, thanks to strollering an ordinary walk with a baby stroller or a child on a balance bike or bike can become a physical activity that mums and dads alike will enjoy and yet will not give up the possibility of being with their baby. Strollering provides aerobic and build-up training led by a professional focusing on problematic body parts. It can have a form of a power walk with a stroller taking advantage of the principles of Pilates method, in-line skating with a stroller (preceded by training without a stroller) and a dance (called dance strollering). Strollering is designated for all mothers after the postpartum period, as well as for fathers. The age of children is not limited. Participation at all lessons that take place all over Prague must be reserved in advance via an email or a text message. All you need to bring is your baby in a stroller, something to drink, a mat or a blanket and some toys for your child. Thanks to strollering you can do something for yourself and be fit again!, +420 725 310 005,


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