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Petřín Funicular

If you just so happen to be wandering about in the Lesser Quarter of Prague, you simply do not want to miss the lovely and lush Petřín Hill and the Petřín Hill Funicular. The Petřín Hill Funicular is a funicular railway in the center of Prague that connects Mala Strana (or the Lesser Quarter) with the top of the beautiful Petřín Hill where you can find the Petřín Hill Tower, the Mirror Maze, splendid rose gardens, lookout points, pathways, churches, ponds and more. The fun funicular, a very popular attraction for children and adults alike, features three stops: Újezd, located at the bottom of Petřín Hill, Nebozízek, the middle station (and home to a lovely restaurant with gorgeous views) and the Petřín stop, located at the top. The Petřín Hill Funicular dates back to 1891 when it had a length of 382 meters and was balanced by water propulsion. At the beginning of WWI the funicular closed down until 1932 when it reopened with a new tract gauge with a longer line and brand new equipment; the 1932 funicular operated through WWII until 1965 when a slight movement of the earth took place and service stopped. It wasn’t until 1985 that the magical funicular reopened with brand new cars and a reconstructed track; the funicular railway has been in service ever since.

Petřín Funicular, Praha 1.



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