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If you have little ones, need a present for a child or simply wish to relive your childhood, Sparkys is the place to go! Sparkys, a Czech toy store chain is situated in various locations throughout Prague including shopping malls. The main Sparkys store is located in Prague’s beautiful Old Town, situated only a few steps from the world famous Estate Theater where Mozart premiered Don Giovanni. Sparkys flagship store features multi level stories of toys, toys, toys! Upon entering the first level you will find an assortment of cuddly stuffed animals from rabbits to tigers, traditional wooden Czech toys and products such as numerous Krtek items (the little black mole by Zdenek Miler) including tee-shirts for children and adults, puzzles, stuffed moles and more. The first level also includes a large section of toys for babies and toddlers. The second level is full of toys for older children such as the popular Playmobil toys, Legos, car models, Barbie Dolls, whimsical Schleich miniature animal figurines and more. The basement of Sparkys is the place to find costumes, more puzzles, memory games, crayons and markers, backpacks, coloring books, word games, board games and much much more. Sparkys world of toys is simply the best toy store in Prague! Happy shopping! 

Flagship Store: Havířská 2, Praha 1, +420 224 239 309,


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