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The online toy store 4kids offers more than 9,000 various toys and games on the website www.4kids.cz, which are intuitively divided into several sections. At 4kids you can find toys for even the youngest boys and girls, goods for children, and baby care products. Besides the popular Lego toy building sets, also toy cars, trains, wooden and plush toys, puzzles, slides, climbing frames, children's houses and sandboxes, baby walkers, three-wheelers, and many other things can be purchased online. You can buy goods for babies and toddlers in the section called toys for young children. In the garden toys section you can choose a slide, a climbing frame or a children's playhouse for your kids. Equipment for summer water joys can be found in sections swimming pools for children and inflatable toys. Parents whose child is starting school will appreciate the section called we are looking forward to school. Toys and games can be purchased not only based on these and other categories, but also based on their brands, of which there are more than 200 at 4kids. If toys are in stock, you can look forward to the delivery of your ordered goods within 24 hours since the placement of your order. By purchasing toys at online toy store 4kids you will also help along a good thing, since your purchase will support the Dad and Mum Foundation.

store and warehouse: Areál ACHS Mydlářka a.s., 256 01 Struhařov, www.4kids.cz


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