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For the highest-quality dressage riding lessons in Prague, visit the internationally-acclaimed International Dressage Centrum Prague, known as IDC Prague – a training center focused not only on training the horse, but also on training the rider in dressage-style horseback riding in Prague. IDC Prague is the ideal place for both Czech and foreign riders to come to experience the elite training opportunities offered by head trainer Demitrij Črnjač, and to take advantage of his 30+ years of experience in international riding and training dressage at all levels including Grand Prix. Demitrij Črnjač himself trained at the prestigious Lipizza National Stud and Riding School, laying the groundwork for a star-studded career in riding and training; a strong career which has taken him from his native Slovenia to the USA, Germany, and now the Czech Republic. Taking everything into account, including biomechanics and the individual personalities, physical capabilities, and learning styles of both horse and rider, Demitrij enjoys training up to the Grand Prix level though now leaves the competitions mostly to his students even though he has enjoyed a rich variety of successful international competitions over the past 30 years. With his practical methods and training as well as his serious experience training and competing, you can be sure that you and horse are in the best hands with elite dressage riding lessons in Prague from Demitrij Črnjač at the International Dressage Centrum Prague.

International phone number: +386 30 615 833,,


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