Prague Active | Rock Formation Trail
Prague Active | Bohemian Paradise Rock Towers
Prague Active | Bohemian Paradise Hiking Trail
Prague Active | Bohemian Paradise Rock Pillars
Prague Active | Trail Among the Rocks
Prague Active | Bohemian Switzerland Bridge Path
Prague Active | Forest in Fall
Prague Active | Rock Formations in the Fall
Prague Active | Bohemiam Switzerland Boat Ride
Prague Active | Bohemian Switzerland Natural Arch
Prague Active | Bohemian Switzerland Mountain View
Prague Active | Riverside Path
Prague Active | Bohemian Switzerland Pine Forest
Prague Active | Rock Cliffs in the Fall
Prague Active | Bohemian Switzerland View from the Cliffs

Prague Active

Want to escape the city? Get more out of Czechia than just the capital city? If so, do not hesitate to contact Prague Active, a company with many years’ experience in organizing one-day hiking tours in beautiful natural reserves, caves, and old castles. You can choose from several carefully planned hikes and biking tours, the majority of them centered in the Central Bohemian Region (with pick-ups in Prague). The Prague Active company is led by Lukáš, a professional wilderness guide who has been working in this field since 2006. Lukáš started out as a guide in New Zealand and Canada, and later moved on to Norway and Svalbard, where he discovered the beauty of mushing. As a Czech native, Lukáš knows this beautiful country inside out, and – thanks to his international experience – knows exactly what to offer travelers who come here from all over the world. That is why Prague Active only offers a small number of well-planned tours with various levels of physical difficulty, allowing customers, from passionate sportsmen to families with children, to select the right one. What is more, all tours are organized in small groups only, making it possible to tailor them to customers’ needs up to the last minute. Departures from Prague are usually early in the morning (the meeting points are strategically situated within reach of a metro station or, for cycling tours, a few steps from the cycling path), so you can be back in the city in time for dinner. As for the hikes, Prague Active offers an adventurous tour in the Bohemian Paradise landscape park (includes a visit to the Prachov Rock City, Kost Castle, and the historic village of Vesec), as well as an exciting hike through the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, one of the most beautiful areas in Czechia. Or you can go on a tour of the fairytale Bouzov Castle, complete with a short visit to the underground Javoříčko Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If biking is more to your liking, Prague Active has three exciting tours for you, each dedicated to a different region – Karlštejn Castle, Bohemian Paradise, and the Kokořínsko landscape park. Bike & helmet rental is included in the price. Actively explore Czechia today!

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