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Useful Apps for your Smartphone

The Czech Republic is a sporting nation. While walking across the Prague streets, you will observe joggers, bicyclists and footballers playing on the field. When you arrive in Prague, you automatically become a part of the Czech sports culture. There are a lot of options to blend in among the sporty citizens. To follow sports events easily, use some helpful mobile apps. Take a look at the list of such. We also recommend to join sports groups on Facebook.

Fitify - A training plan based on your experience, goal and time options. Each workout is adapted to your personal fitness level for the best results. Track your fitness journey with a built-in calendar, set up daily notifications and keep your streak going! Set your own workout with the planner. Choose from over 850 exercises and challenge yourself with your very own training.

VYSPO - Never play sports alone with this Czech made app. You can find an event nearby or start your own. There is also an opportunity to find a friend to travel or exercise with according to your fitness level. Chat with others and get new sporty friends. No ads and other in-app purchases.

SportMap - You will come across sports in Prague on literally every corner. The city attracts the most important sporting events of all levels and hundreds of them take place every day. SportMap will guide you through the sports life of Prague, as well as other cities. Sports best matches for you are updated daily.

Praha Sportovní - The official mobile application of the city of Prague expands the possibilities of active and passive sports for all residents and visitors to Prague. The application contains news, information about current events, cycling and walking routes, contacts of clubs and the location of sports venues. You can search and filter by city district or sport you like.

Prague on Bike - This app will be your guide for cycling through Prague. It helps you find the most suitable way around the city and better your experience of the bike trip. This smart map will navigate you along the way you choose. You can avoid steep hills and choose a preferred surface. Be part of the community and warn other cyclists of dangerous areas ahead. Competitive riders can enjoy a comparison feature.

RacketPal - RacketPal is the #1 app for racket fans who want to meet local players and spend more time on the court. Whether you’re playing tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis or padel, there are thousands of players waiting for you to meet and play together. You can easily find sports partners in your area. Search players, start a chat and organise a match in a matter of minutes. You can also use the app to find local courts and clubs to book.


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