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CrossFit Praha Gym

Thanks to the universal CrossFit strength and conditioning program you can acquire general and broad fitness. Although this type of training is commonly used by police academies, military units and professional athletes all over the world, this program refusing specialization can be applied by anyone regardless of sporting experience and age. The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability and is therefore suitable for any committed individual who has decided to do something about their general fitness. Zdeněk Weig, a certified CrossFit instructor, personal trainer and nutritionist who was introduced to CrossFit during his stay in the United States, founded the first gym of CrossFit in the Czech Republic, CrossFit Praha Gym. The CrossFit workout is performed both at the gym and outdoors and new workout is posted daily. Before you go to your first free lesson you need to make an appointment. Whether you are a housewife or an Olympic athlete, CrossFit is there for you.

Zdeněk Weig, Malá Štěpánská 1929/9, Praha 2 Nové Město, tel.: +420 725 174 906,,


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