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Svata Katerina Resort

The exceptional Svata Katerina Resort, formerly known as the Svata Katerina Spa is a high standard health and wellness complex offering a chance to escape the rat race and give your tired body and spirit a new spin on life in the vicinity of the town of Pocatky (about 130 km from Prague). With its combination of sport equipment rentals (including among others bicycles, cross-country skis and snow shoes as well as tennis, table tennis, Nordic walking, volleyball, hockey and skating equipment - football field to come in the future), gyms, saunas, steam spa, whirlpools, massage cabins with extensive massage menus, a cosmetic studio, a hairdresser's studio, yoga, tennis courts, horseback riding and dog-team sled riding facilities and a driving range, it offers you a chance to leave your busy lifestyle behind, choose an activity which fits you, start a substantial change to your lifestyle and discover new harmony in your life. If this is not enough, The Svata Katerina resort also features some excellent fine dining, café and bar establishments. The VODA restaurant with the capacity of up to 60 people offers delicious international cuisine with emphasis on a lowered calorie content of the offered meals. The calorie content of each meal is listed in the menu, which includes vegetarian and organic dishes. The Café Orangerie is located in a glass corridor and its overabundance of natural light and soothing views of the surrounding forests and ponds creates a perfect atmosphere for a glass of quality wine chosen from the extensive wine list. The cafe itself can host up to 60 people but if the weather is warm enough, the outside terraces with another 50 seats are opened. Those looking for a bit of old worldly atmosphere should not miss the Pavillion Café with its interior, which has been recently refurbished to its original, mid 19th century design. This café can host up to 80 people but if the outside terrace is opened, there is room for another 100 people. The Pavillion café includes its own kitchen, bar and a gentlemen's club with a pool table and promises grand fun until the wee hours of the morning. All of the establishments serve water straight from St. Catherine's spring, which is located on the property. The resort also features conference facilities, a dietary lab including the cutting-edge INBODY machine, which analyzes your current body composition and will help you choose the right kind of activities for your body and a choice of attractive accommodation in two buildings where you can reserve attached rooms for families with a late check-out of 6 p.m. and much more. Having said all this, Svata Katerina Resort is clearly the perfect choice for a romantic getaway weekend with a loved one (gift packages available), a private wedding or also for a weekend with children. Svata Katerina Resort features affordable prices matched with excellent service, making the total spa experience available for all.

Svatá Kateřina 327, 394 64 Počátky, +420 222 232 138,


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