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Cordeus Spa & Wellness Center

Located in the residential area of Prague 6 is the Cordeus Centrum, a complete fitness and wellness center where you can invigorate and relax your body and soul. This comprehensive center consists of many elements including a health club, a day spa, a gymnasium, a café restaurant and a physical rehabilitation center. The complete health club features holistic treatments such as physiotherapy, massage, magnet therapy, electrotherapy, detoxification, hydro-colon therapy, oxygen therapy, meditation classes and more. The calming day spa is complete with a small swimming pool for relaxation, whirlpool, hydro-massage bath and Finnish sauna; in the day spa’s facilities you can enjoy aqua gymnastics, infant swimming, massages and more. The spacious gymnasium offers a variety of classes including fitness, power yoga, exercise for pregnant women and much more; the gym is equipped with fitness balls, mats and small trampolines. As an extra-added exotic bonus, you can attend oriental dance classes, which is an exciting way to exercise and let femininity and strength shine through. Pregnant women can attend the oriental dance classes as well, as it is believed that oriental dance is an excellent way to prepare one’s body mentally and physically before giving birth. Women with babies that are over two months old can also attend the dance classes, where dancing while holding their babies close to their bodies will strengthen the bond between mother and child. After a rejuvenating exercise you can relax at the café restaurant, a modern open space serving international and Czech cuisine. The Cordeus Centrum also features conference halls and classrooms.  

Na Dlouhém lánu 11, Praha 6, +420 251 097 311/411,



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