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Golf Hostivař

If you long to learn how to play golf and live in Prague, head to the Golf Hostivař golf area where you can play also on weekdays without having to drive out of Prague. The Golf Hostivař area that aims to bring golf nearer to those who have deemed it inaccessible because of lack of time or financial reasons is located near the Hositvař dam between the city parts of Hostivař and Horní Měcholupy in Prague 10. Golf Hostivař offers a training center (driving range) with both indoor and outdoor teeing grounds, a nine-hole golf academy and a nine-hole golf course where players can improve their handicap and take part in tournaments. Complete beginners can acquire basic skills at Golf Hostivař and train further to get a Green Card (later a handicap) and be able to play at the nine-hole course. Children under 15 years of age and seniors above 65 are entitled to discount. In order to learn golf you can order any of the qualified trainers presented (including their prices per lesson) on the Golf Hostivař website. After a lesson you can enjoy, for example, an unusual hot golf balls and aroma oil massage.

Hornoměcholupská 565, Praha 10 - Horní Měcholupy, tel.: hlavní recepce (7:00-22:00): +420 724 124 818,


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