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Albatross Golf Resort

Located in the municipality of Vysoky Ujezd and situated in the outskirts of Prague, Albatross Golf Resort is conveniently located being both accessible from the city and Ruzyne international airport and offers the perfect golfing escape for lovers of the leisurely sport. This luxurious resort features an eighteen-hole golf course of the highest European standard (current condition of the course - mowing height: Greens, 3.1 mm. Fore greens, 8 mm. Tees, 8 mm. Fairways, 12 mm. Semi roughs, 32 mm), a professional training center, the David Carter Albatross Golf Academy, a sleek clubhouse with modern amenities and five-star services, a Kogo restaurant, one of the best loved dining establishments in Prague and last but certainly not least, an attractive and spacious conference center that is available for both members and visitors of the Albatross Golf Resort. The conference center is of course equipped with the latest technology including Wi-Fi. The golf resort also offers a pro shop, an online shop, professional babysitting services with attractive facilities including a modern and safe playground and private transportation services.

Sokolská 162, 267 16, Vysoký Újezd. Reception: +420 311 549 510, Restaurant: +420 311 549 520, Golf Academy: +420 311 549 570, Pro Shop: +420 311 549 540.


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