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Located a bit further afield is the MeetFactory, an international center for contemporary art that creates an artistic platform for international talent in the city of Prague. Established in 2001 in an actual meat factory in the industrial area of Holešovice, MeetFactory, o.p.s. sought to bring to Prague a space where international contemporary artists and institutions could collaborate, a space that Prague was definitely lacking. Unfortunately the floods of 2002 destroyed such plans, however the idea of the MeetFactory lived on and the project was simply moved to an abandoned warehouse in 2005 in the interesting Prague district of Smíchov. The exterior of the old warehouse that houses the MeetFactory is easy to spot as it features two life-size cars that are painted entirely red and seem to be dripping from massive nail hangers. Meet Factory is the brainchild of non other than Mr. David Černý (who has his studio there as well) plus David Koller and Alice Nellis (as members of the board of trustees). This fantastic warehouse of culture features visual art, live music and theater. MeetFactory wishes to support and develop visual art and culture in the Czech capital and also features an Artist in Residence program where select artists can live in their own studio (various sizes available); applications are accepted twice a year and the length of stay ranges from 2-12 months. The art, music and theater programs are available online in Czech and English. 

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha 5, +420 251 551 796, 


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