Kino Bio Oko

Bio Oko is considered the best cinema in Prague 7. The history of the functionalist building of architects Jaroslav Stockar-Bernkopf and Josef Šolc dates to 1940. At that time, the single-screen cinema with a balcony used to have a capacity of 735 people. But since 2009, the entire entrance hall and right mezzanine floor were rebuilt into a bar and café. Bio Oko became a popular spot in the neighborhood and is now known as a popular community cinema. 


Something is constantly happening here - from morning screenings for seniors, through family films and travel lectures, to evening screenings and sitting in the café after the film.

Several times a year Bio Oko organizes its own film festivals such as Little Eyes, Students and other events.


You can visit the best opera, ballet, theatre or concert venues and exhibition halls around the world through live or recorded broadcasts. You can also check out the bar, which is open until the early morning hours. In addition to the unique bar and film menu, a regular exhibition of film posters will delight the eye in the foyer. Cinema Bio Oko is definitely the right place for movie lovers.


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