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Behold the dark side of Prague! The untold, mysterious history behind the bewitching capital is just waiting to grab your undivided attention as you wander through the narrow winding cobblestone lanes in the middle of the night! What an exciting adventure for older children, teenagers, and adults alike- and a memorable one at that! The best ghost and legend tours Prague has to offer are from McGee's Ghost Tours of Prague. With interesting and comical tour guides offering insight into the paranormal, why not try an unconventional tour of Prague for something refreshingly different and spooky? Their four tours – Ghosts and Legends of Old Town, Charles Bridge: A Haunted History, Prague Castle After Dark, and the one-hour Underground Walk into the haunted catacombs beneath the Astronomical Clock – are all aimed at older children and adults, and offer something for every taste. The Prague Castle After Dark tour is their only primarily historic tour, less focused on ghosts, but giving tour participants the unparalleled chance to explore the world's largest castle complex without crowds and with a completely different atmosphere. Loads of scary and mysterious tales and legends are spun for hours of interesting and educational entertainment. For a family looking for a hauntingly good time, these tours are highly recommended (for older children). If you are lucky, you will capture floating orbs of light or the shadowy figures of ghosts on film!

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