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Kampa Museum

An eccentric contemporary collection located on the left riverbank of the Vltava, housed in the old Sova Mill, named after Vaclav Sova, the original owner in the 15th century. It should be noted that this museum is worth a visit especially for the building that has been magnificently renovated after centuries of fires, floods, and damage. On a clear day in Prague one should head to Kampa Museum on Kampa Island. The combination of this renovated mill with its gleaming white facade, the view of the Vltava River and a clear robin egg blue sky will certainly be among your favorite photographs of Prague. The old mill was abandoned for years until Meda Mladek, a well-known Czech-American art collector, decided to turn it into a museum. Meda Mladek and her husband, the late Jan Mladek, have been collecting and promoting underground art from Central and Eastern Europe since the sixties, preserving the culture that the Communist regime tried in vain to terminate. Jan Mladek once said, "If a nation's culture survives, then so too does the nation." Meda Mladek has turned the Kampa Museum into a first rate exhibition space featuring wonderful collections by Frantisek Kupka and Otto Gutfreund and changing avant-garde international exhibitions. The Kampa Museum and Meda Mladek have the reputation and the pull to acquire famous traveling exhibitions as well, past exhibitions to grace the walls of Kampa Museum were Andy Warhol: Stars, Deaths, and Disasters 1962-1964, Talk to Me by Adela Matasova, featuring interactive objects, a photography series and moving objects combined with light and Re-evolution by the Italian Cracking Art Group which featured florescent giant-size animal sculptures. Don't miss the Kampa Museum Bookstore & Gift Shop, the perfect place for lovers of books on art, design and architecture. 

U Sovových mlýnů 2, Praha 1, 257 286 147, www.museumkampa.cz


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