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Located in part of the Chambers of the Old Count in the Prague Castle, the Toy Museum in Prague is very entertaining for children and adults alike. 7 rooms on two floors display toys from Ancient Greek times to the present, along with a huge Barbie collection upstairs. Apparently this museum is the 2nd largest of its kind in the world. The collection of the filmmaker and cartoonist Ivan Steiger is on display, featuring wood and tin toys. Traditional Czech toys, including the oldest Marklin engines with accessories are showcased, as well as airplanes, trains, and toy cars. The impressive Barbie (full name Barbie Millicent Roberts) collection starts with her beginnings and traces her throughout the years and tracks the changing fashions throughout her history. The Toy Museum is open daily from 9:30-17:30. The Toy Museum is open daily from 09:30 until 17:30. Admission: adults 180 CZK, children under 17, 70 CZK, family - 2 + 2 children - 360 CZK, students under 26, pensioners from 65, disabled, 120 CZK.


Jiřska 11/4, Praha 1,,


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