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The Deer Moat

Located next to the magnificent Prague Castle is the Deer or Stag Moat. The Deer Moat is a beautiful natural ravine made from the Brusnice Stream making it one of the most peaceful places to walk in Prague while it is conveniently and attractively situated next to Prague’s famous castle. Historically the moat used to be part of Prague Castle’s northern fortification, which helped to defend the massive complex. The Brusnice Stream was drained to the underground pipes in 1899 creating a lovely natural ravine. During the reign of Rudolf II the moat was fenced and used for breeding and hunting of deer, hence the Deer Moat’s name. The Stag Moat was also home to bears at one point, protectors of the castle. The Stag Moat is a wonderful green place to wander about in the small meadows and paths or to relax on the moat’s many benches; make sure to search for the whimsical Bear Keeper’s Cottage and the sleek walk through tunnel built in 2002 and designed by Josef Pleskot AP Atelier. If you wish to escape the crowds of tourists at Prague Castle, the Stag Moat is a sound choice.

Jelení příkop, Praha 1. 


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