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Hanavský Pavilion

Located in leafy Letna Park and perched overlooking the city of Prague and the winding Vltava River with the world famous Charles Bridge is the neo Baroque Hanavský Pavilion. This gorgeous building was built for the National Jubilee Exhibition in 1891 and was located in the Prague Fairgrounds area by the Industrial Palace. The structure was built in the Dutch Baroque style and was designed by Otta Hieser. The intricate cast iron elements most evident in the grand exterior staircase, window bars and lovely balcony are excellent examples of the rich Dutch Baroque style. The building was named after Prince William of Hanavy, owner of the ironworks company that provided the meticulous metal work. After the National Jubilee Exhibition of 1891 finished the Prince had the building dismantled and rebuilt at the edge of Letna Park overlooking a beautiful panorama of Prague and the Vltava River. After it was rebuilt it was used as a resting spot and shelter for visitors of Letna Park. It is now the Hanavský Pavilion Restaurant, a most popular spot for weddings, romantic evenings out, dessert with friends and more.  

Letenské sady 173, Praha 7. Restaurant Contact: +420 233 323 641, www.hanavskypavilon.cz 


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