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Dox Center for Contemporary Art

This exciting new art gallery located in Holesovice is a breath of much needed fresh air for the city of Prague. Opening at the beginning of October of 2008, this large independent modern gallery wowed viewers with the opening exhibition titled Welcome to Capitalism, which featured a collection of paintings and installations by Jose Maria Cano, Michael Bielicky in collaboration with Kamila Richter, and Dirk Reinbold, Matej Kren and Jiri Hula in collaboration with Dominik Lang. The main collection was from Spanish artist Jose Maria Cano, with more than 80 encaustic paintings featured throughout this impressive space representing the world of financial transactions and how they influence. The gallery itself once used to be a factory, but has been sensitively renovated and has been transformed into a hip, minimalistic art gallery featuring gorgeous natural light and generous space for art exhibitions. The upper level features a large terrace and a cool cafe with a separate terrace, perfect for contemplating the future of our society. The gallery also boasts the Dox by Qubus gift shop offering an interesting selection of Czech art books in English, fantastic unique pieces of jewelry and gorgeous glass and ceramic designs. Please check out their website for current exhibitions.

Photos: Dolce Vita

Osadní 34, Praha 7 – Holešovice, +420 295 568 123,


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