Olšany Cemetery | Ivy Covered Graves
Olšany Cemetery | Prague
Olšany Cemetery | Prague, CZ
Olšany Cemetery | Zizkov

Olšany Cemetery

Located in Zizkov is Prague’s largest and most evocative burial place, the Olšany Cemetery. This cemetery is a peaceful and lush space full of gorgeous burial sites, Art Nouveau monuments with climbing ivy and clearly marked lanes, all of which resembles Pere Lachaise in Paris. The cemetery was created in 1680 for plague victims that needed to be buried quickly and soon after became the main cemetery for the city of Prague as bodies were not to be buried within the city limits and at the time Zizkov was outside of the limits. The cemetery is picturesque and tranquil and is a surprising place to have a relaxing wander. The cemetery is the final resting place of some famous inhabitants including Josef Lada and Jan Palach, plus some infamous ones such as Klement Gottwald.

Vinohradská 1835/153, Praha 3.  


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