One of the most popular places to visit when you are in Prague is Eska restaurant. It was founded in 1990 by two Czech entrepreneurs who wanted to create a cozy place where people could enjoy authentic Czech cuisine. Since then, Eska has grown into one of the most popular restaurants in Prague, with over 500 employees and three locations throughout the city.

A café, bakery and restaurant are located in a converted fabric factory. The dining room has a stark, industrial feel with exposed bricks, pipework and girders, and the open kitchen adds to the buzz. Eska has everything – from traditional dishes like goulash, schnitzel or dumplings to more modern dishes like pizza, pasta or salads. You can choose what kind of meal you want based on your budget and there are plenty of options available so everyone can enjoy their meal without breaking their wallet. Prague has plenty of really decent restaurants, but this one deserves your attention for sure. 


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