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Tea Mountain

Tea Mountain, a Czech teahouse and a tea shop in Prague, has always been known for its unique selection of teas. It sells over 100 types of tea and herbal blends. They hand-pack each package in their store and have a very loyal following of customers worldwide. The mission of Tea Mountain is to give a chance to experience truly great tea. You can taste it there and have a peaceful, relaxing time. 

It's also famous for its store design. The store is located in Lesser Town, one of the most beautiful areas in Prague. It is placed in a former chapel from the 16th century. The shop is rather small, but in order to make it more spacious, the interior designers from the company Kaya & Kato removed the ceiling and created an open space. To keep the original feel of the building, they left a part of the ceiling intact and decorated it with LEDs.The shop is filled with antique furniture and beautiful decorations that fit well with the original stone walls. This creates a unique atmosphere that helps customers relax while they choose their favorite tea.

The focus of Tea Mountain is organic, single-origin teas produced from plants grown in a specific geographic region. This kind of tea captures the essence of where it was grown. Tea Mountain's goal is to offer teas you cannot find anywhere in Prague, and that's why it is highly appreciated among the locals. 


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