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Dva Kohouti

Dva Kohouti is a brewery with a bar under one roof. The brewery founders are the brewer Adam Matuška and the master of pubs Lukáš Svoboda. Two roosters, the symbols of Dva Kohouti, connect two crafts: brewing and tap. In the first half of the day, local lager is brewed in the brewery and from the afternoon onwards, taps are taken. 

The place offers seating and standing room and an outdoor garden in the courtyard. Guests can get their own beer from the tap, order a small meal and stay till late at night. The music here is performed by various DJs and it is an integral part of the atmosphere.

The brewery actively cooperates with other microbreweries. Thus Dva Kohouti shows people that any beer can be masterfully treated and tapped.

The interior of Dva Kohouti also deserves attention. Its space previously served as a car workshop and paint shop. It gives a slightly shabby impression on purpose. Wooden benches and chairs form a contrast to the cold stainless steel tanks.


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