The port of 18600 is a lively cultural point and a bar on the map of Prague city. It is an open-air place on the bank of the Vltava river that attracts active locals. It was founded on the site of the former train station "Karlín - port". Now it is used for active and passive relaxation. Přístav 18600 holds events with maximum respect for the given location and with an emphasis on sustainability. The place hosts celebrations, children's days, discussions and lectures. Přístav 18600 constantly changes and develops, and new features are introduced. Each year, an architectural competition is held at the complex, and some new outdoor furniture is added. Přístav isn't just a pub, although it's known as an excellent beer garden. In short, it's the focal point of a district that is re-emerging. However, if you're specifically interested in the pub known as Maják, please bear in mind that it opens from April until the end of September. The bar offers homemade and bottled lemonades, coffee, bottled and bottled wines and cocktails. 


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