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Musaion Ethnographic Exhibition

Located in the lush green space of Petrin Hill and Kinsky Garden is the National Museum’s Musaion Ethnographic Exhibition. Since 2005 this exhibition has been housed in the Kinsky Summerhouse, an attractive Empire style building. The Museum focuses on the old regional culture of the Czech Republic specifically the material and spiritual, housing, village farming and habits, all of which are connected to today’s current way of making traditional folk crafts and holding folk activities. The museum holds various social meetings, workshops, folklore concerts and exhibitions. Further more the space features a library, archive, discussion hall, a museum shop with specialized publications and a café – reading room with outdoor seating in the summer months. If you wish to learn more about the colorful culture of folk art in the Czech lands, make sure to visit the Musaion Ethnographic Exhibition.  

Letohrádek Kinských, Kinského zahrada 98, Praha 5, +420 257 214 806, 


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